Friday, February 1, 2013

Theme Night ~ No Plates or Forks Allowed

This dinner was so much fun.  I read a book called Great Kids are Homemade and it has super fun ideas for dinner, and tons of other things, and it helped inspire me for this one.  Her idea was to have spaghetti dinner only using your hands so we decided to do a finger food night.  (a little less messy but just as fun)  I bought this really cheap plastic tablecloth for less than a dollar.
We had fruit and veggies with Ranch dressing

Potato Chips are perfect for kids 

We bought 3 different chicken strips:  crispy,  honey bbq and buffalo (for my husband).  I did use plates for the chicken and the little smokies because I didn't want it to melt the tablecloth

At our grocery store we received a package of little smokies for free so we made the sauce of 1 cup grape jelly and 1 cup ketchup and heat on the stove top until warm and the sauce has thickened.

Here was my dinner.  (sorry about the quality of pictures I am using my cell phone because my camera is not working)

Here are the reasons I love to make these dinners.  My 6 year old Sam said "this has been such a fun day Mom!"

And Lydia my 4 year old said "This is a Wonderful Dinner!!"  Love my kids  (notice my girls put on blue eyeshadow for dinner :)

What is great about this dinner is this is what it looked like when we were done

And Clean up was a breeze!!!

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