Monday, February 18, 2013

Meal Plan

Sorry my lack of posting these past 2 weeks but we have had a house full of sick kids off and on for 2 weeks, hopefully it will be better now.  So here is the plan for this week

~Mexican Lasagna
~ Pork Roast  (something like this maybe)
~ Left overs (probably some type of sandwiches with the pork)
~Italian Lasagna
~ I am not sure what we will have Friday because my husband won't be here for dinner so I usually make something he is not a fan of but I LOVE-- it might be this Italian Chicken
~ Tuna Sandwiches (we have been trying to eat a little more frugal and this one fits the bill some nights)
~ Enchilada Soup (I saw this on pinterest but I am going to make it a little different using my usual enchilada recpie sauce (minus the sour cream at first)  put in the crock pot with chicken breasts, beans and corn.  After chicken is cooked, shred and add back to sauce with the sour cream.  Heat until warmed and then serve with tortilla chips and cheese-- hope its good!!)

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