Saturday, March 3, 2012

Harry Potter Night

Here is this month's theme night (last month I posted about our Camping Night--so much fun)   Yesterday we had a Harry Potter Themed Night.  I searched and searched the internet for ideas and there are a ton.  My kids already love Harry Potter (although they have only seen the first 3 because I don't think they are ready for the other ones)  It was a great night with yummy food and lots of fun...and of course ended with watching Harry Potter

the centerpiece I got the idea from here and they have a printable labels for your jars... the kids loved them.  I also had the licorice wands.  This was super simple but made it even more special!!

We had chocolate frogs (using a mold I got on Amazon)  Butter Beer --just cream soda with a splash of butterscotch  syrup and whipped cream on top.  There were a lot of different recipes for butter beer but I like this simpleness of this one and the fact is was a cold drink and not warm like others.  I found this fun printable here

I made Slytherin Pizza using my pizza dough recipe and then just rolling it up jelly-roll style.  I also added the green food coloring to the dough and to the egg wash.  Be warned it takes a lot longer to cook than a regular pizza--I didn't account for that so we had to wait a bit on dinner.     We also had Gillyweed Salad--just any tossed salad you like and rename it, is all it takes for kids to gobble it up.

I bought these fun guys on Amazon...a Harry Potter Party would not be complete without them

He was not too sure of this bean

She was not afraid of any of them.... I pulled out a vomit one and tried to throw it away
and she grabbed it, ate it and smiled :)

running to spit out the Pepper one

Just goes to show you don't need a ton of money to have a great time with your family...a little planning and the internet and you are set!  Hope you enjoyed looking at our Harry Potter Party!!

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